btrCloud allows performance to be optimized in the data-center by using measurements from the performance board and the tracking table, and by taking the placement rules into account. Several kinds of optimizations are currently available, such as energy mastering and load balancing. The former can help save up to around 20-30% of the data-center standard energy consumption, depending on the client context. The latter enhances provides optimal quality of service for the applications that are hosted in the virtualized data-center.
Other optimizations will be suggested in the coming months, regarding for instance software licenses or heat dissipation.


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Load balancing

Coming soon…

btrPlace A part of Entropy

btrPlace is an open source VM manager that can be specialized on demand by third party developers to integrate new placement constraints. It is a part of Entropy. btrPlace has already been used successfully to address high-availability, security but also energy-efficiency concerns. It has been developped since 2006 in the Mines de Nantes then with the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis. It is now a part of the OpenCloudware project that aims at building an open platform for the development and the deployment of distributed application on clouds.

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